This is how Crash Watcher works!

Today, Bitcoin crashed more than 5% in 30 minutes.

Fortunately, Crash Watcher has detected the big crash quite soon right at the top, when Bitcoin was $6570 (at 0:48 AM GMT Oct 11, 2018). In just one minute, Crash Watcher sold all holding coins to USD. The temporary bottom of Bitcoin was 6256 USD.

Below are some pictures that reported by our customer (GMT+7):

Crash Watcher sold right at the top at 0:48 AM GMT (GMT+7 in the picture)
The panic sell orders made by Crash Watcher with Gunbot at 7:48 am (GMT+7)

We will continue to update every job that has done by Crash Watcher. Please stay tuned by joining our Telegram group:


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