BitMEX strategies testing

BitMEX has just been officially supported by Gunbot. With Gunbot, now you can do trading with a leverage to maximize your profit 24/7. As usual, will add preset configs for BitMEX to our package soon and you will be able to use them from our CW Config Store.

BitMEX strategies are being added to CW Controller for Gunbot soon.

As all of us already know, configuring Gunbot is not a simple work that can be done in just some hours or days. CWCGunbot has a team of profestional traders that spend their days and nights to research market, indicators and tuning Gunbot’s strategies just try to maximized Gunbot’s productivity.

And as soon as BitMEX was added to Gunbot supported exchanges list, we started testing to find the most profitable strategies for it. Until now it’s nearly done but we will need a bit more time before publishing it to CW Config Store. Just stay tuned and you will be amazed!


CW Team,

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