A big crash. Bitcoin drops from 6470 USD to 5829 USD. Crash Watcher escaped at 6425 USD.

This is a huge crash that might be caused by BCH hard fork event. And let’s see how Crash Watcher worked.

Bitcoin dropped from 6470 USD to the current bottom 5829 USD and Crash Watcher has been triggered when Bitcoin was 6425 USD at 10:00 AM GMT+0. This will save you 9.2% from the crash (suppose that we could buy back right at the bottom price 5829 USD).

Below are the pictures of Telegram notifications of orders and the order history on Binance from our customer:

CWC Crash Watcher
The crash on chart
CWC Crash Watcher
The orders made by Crash Watcher when the crash come
CWC Crash Watcher
Order History of the orders from Binance (GMT + 7)

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